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The following is an excerpt from the book Ask Dr. BlackJack by Sam Barrington.

Sam-BarringtonWhat makes me a know-it-all in Blackjack?

I’m not an expert but probably as close as anybody and I think my play and knowledge of the game of Blackjack for the last 28 years has made me one of the best Blackjack players in the country.

Some of the places I’ve played are the Caribbean, Cruise Ships, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Elko, Nevada (that’s right, Elko), Tunica, MS, Lula, MS, Metropolis, IL, West Memphis, AR, Hot Springs, AR, Blackhawk, CO, Biloxi, MS, Tulsa, OK and countless other cities and numerous private games.

I have kept an accurate log of every casino I have played in by how many units I was up at one time, how many units I lost and the final outcome for that particular Casino or Casinos on a daily basis.

I know how much I tipped the dealer, whether it was a single deck, double deck, or multi-deck shoe.

It is important to me (and should be to you) to know exactly how I played, where I played and the outcome at every Casino for every time I visited.

I’ll get into the chart you need to keep a little later on in the book. You will find that it will benefit you immensely.

Back to my credentials.

At one time I was barred out of 46 casinos.

Was I card counting? No.

Was I cheating? No.

What was my crime?

Winning, that’s it. I was winning on a consistent basis and the casinos couldn’t figure out how I was doing it!

Damn, I had to be cheating if I was winning.


No, I wasn’t cheating. I was treating Blackjack as a business and running it accordingly.

I didn’t let it run me.

Stick with me here and I’ll explain everything in the following pages.

I was my own student until 1995 and then I wanted to get serious about the exhilarating game called Blackjack.

Since that time I have won a little money but not the zillions that you hear about from some mythical MIT students.

I personally think that’s bullshit for the movies.

I’ve never been to a casino in my life where the management was as dumb as they are portrayed in the movies.

Anyway, since 1995 I have had only four losing years and the losses weren’t bad

I have been a business man my entire life and have owned six different businesses at one time or another and all of them were profitable.

I have owned office buildings, commercial parking lots, a payroll processing company, rent-to-own storage buildings, a towing service, an auto repair garage and even a bookie service at one time.

I bring this up because I want you to know I’m not some low life degenerate sleeping in my car and eating beanie weenies out of a can with a plastic fork.

I don’t hunt, fish, play golf, take vacations (well, maybe a day or two every now and then), snow ski, water ski, or have any lake front condos.

Blackjack is my hobby and I just happen to make a little money at it.

My only other hobby is …… making money.

I am the only gambler I know that has looked at Blackjack as a business.

With this in mind I would like to take you a little further down the road and explain how I got started.

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