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I traveled to Roland,OK to visit the newest Cherokee Casino. I thought I had found Casino Heaven. If you “doubled down” it was on the house and you got paid in real chips if you won. WOW! If you split pairs on anything other than a pair of ten count cards, it was on the house. DOUBLE WOW !! How could it get any better?  I won and left. In a few days I went back. I had the opportunity to double down on an eleven against a Dealer 2 so I took the free double down and pulled a Jack for “21”. The Dealer popped up her hole card (a ten count) took a hit and pulled another “10” cont card for “22”. I was happy until she gave me that double pat on the table. I said “Hey, you busted”. She pointed to the table where it was stenciled “A Dealer 22 is a push”. So, no matter what you have on the table that is still alive, it is all a push on a Dealer 22. That was my last trip.

Ask Dr. BlackJack Reviewed by Clarion

Recently, Sam Barrington’s book, Ask Dr. BlackJack, was reviewed by several large book review organizations, and they were all pleasantly surprised and excited upon finishing the book. Read the book review below by ForeWord Reviews’ very own Mark McLaughlin:

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Las Vegas – Book signing was a big hit

Signing Autographs  -June 1st at the AARP convention – Las Vegas Convention Center – Las Vegas NV

Sam Launches a Nationwide Publicity Campaign

For Immediate Release

Professional player and author promotes his blackjack strategy book to beat the casino.

April, 1, 2013 – Little Rock, Arkansas

As one of the world’s best Blackjack players, Sam Barrington knows a thing or two about how to play the game successfully. So writing a book only seemed natural to the man who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to being the best Blackjack player he could be.

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