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Five Always Plays

Blackjack doesn’t always have to be about winning a lot of money. Sometimes it’s just about going to the Casino and having fun with your friends without losing your shirt. If don’t do anything else just remember these “Five Always Plays” and it will be a great advantage to you.

1. Always “double down” on “11”. If you double down every time, even against an “Ace”, you will end up 1.63% better off financially than if you just took a hit.

2. Always stand on a hard “16”. Hitting a “16” will have a net loss 44.08% of the time. Standing will have a net loss 41.98% of the time. You are 2.10% better off standing.

3. Always stand on a “Blackjack”. By standing I mean never take “even money” and never take “insurance”. You are 3.89% better off by riding it out.

4. Always split a pair of “8’s”. If you hit, you lose 44.10% of the time. If you stand you lose 41.90% of the time. By splitting you still lose but only the equivalent of 13.60% of the time. That’s an advantage of 28.30% of the time.

5. Always split “Ace’s”.  If you hit, you lose 15.82% of the time. If you split, you win the equivalent of 1.39% of the time. That’s a 17.21% turnaround.

So , My Friends, enjoy your game a little longer by not losing as often.


Happy Blackjacking



How Many Blackjack Players Know How to Play

Have you ever wondered about all the players you see sitting at all the Blackjack Tables? Are you intimidated? Do all these Players really know how to play?  The answer is “Hell, No”. 92% of the people you see at the tables are losers. It’s not because they are dumb. It’s because they never took the time to learn how to play. Boys Club rules and deer camp rules won’t cut it. Learn the Basic Strategy of Blackjack to start with before you go broke. I’ve seen the same type of people try to snow ski without any lessons. That doesn’t work out very well either. How about the other 8% of the Players? 7% of the Players will break about even. Only 1% of the Players will make any money. There are different types of Players that win. Be it Card Counters or System Players, knowing the game and Money Management are the keys to your profit. There are an estimated 30,000,000 Blackjack Players in the world. That means the Casinos are sucking the money out of 27,600,000 Players pockets. Now do you see how Casinos make money.If you have the time, go to my web site,, and check out our latest video. We had a lot of fun with it.

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