Card Counting Strategy: The Simplest Method

There are a lot of players in the world who want to beat the casino by counting cards at the blackjack table. Books and movies have sensationalized the riches and glory associated with card counting. But what is really feasible? How can you get the best advantage at the blackjack table? Which advanced blackjack strategy will you use?

I can tell you right now that card counting is too difficult for most players to effectively gain an advantage. And card counting can be detrimental to your bankroll, if not performed correctly.

Here is the simplest method of card counting:

Don’t count the cards.

It’s really unnecessary, and counting can get you thrown out of the casino. I know this from experience.

Even though I never count cards, I was branded as a card counter and barred from 47 casinos at one time in my life.

I’ll say this in no uncertain terms: There are plenty of methods to gain an advantage in blackjack that are much more simple than counting.

So, your next question might be how to gain an advantage if you’re not counting cards. I have a blackjack strategy that will shake your core because it is so simple.

Flat betting coupled with strict money management is one of the best ways to stretch your gaming dollar. I show you how to do this in my book and pair these advantages with real world examples.

Order my exclusive offer and get a blackjack basic strategy card that covers my strategy. This is not an advanced Vegas blackjack strategy. It is really quite simple and can be learned in a single day. Start your winning ways today, and contact me to let me know how it goes!