Should You Double Down Your 11 Versus the Dealer’s Ace?

Many visitors to my website find me by searching for the traditional basic strategy for blackjack. Everyone’s familiar with basic strategy, as it effectively decreases the house edge to about 0.6% in Las Vegas. But many casinos outside of Vegas have blackjack rules that make the house edge even higher — even when you’re playing perfect basic strategy. That makes something very clear to me. People who play only basic strategy are doomed to fail.

There are other visitors to my website who are using the Internet to find the answer to the question, “How can I win at the Casino?” or they are searching with terms that indicate that they want to be a professional gambler.

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People are sometimes confused on when they should double down on an 11. So, back to the question at hand.

Should you double down your 11 versus the dealer’s Ace?

The simple answer is “Always!”

Even against an Ace?


After thousands of hands against every card in the deck, I found that you will be from 1.23% – 2.02% better off by doubling down on your 11 on every hand.

But what about the Ace?

Let’s get to the facts. When the Dealer is showing an Ace as his up card, he will have a pat hand 61.78% of the time. And 30.74% of the time that will be a Blackjack, but you will have a Blackjack 6.40% of the time when an “Ace” is showing — so that cuts it down to 55.38% for a pat hand.

But now, back to the up card of Ace.

If you double-down against the Ace instead of just playing out the hand in the normal fashion, you will gain a staggering amount of 6.56% over just the normal play.

This is one of the many “tricks” I have learned by tediously documenting my own real world play for the past 30 years and analyzing the results. Just one one of the many insights I cover in my book.

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