Three Mistakes Made By Blackjack Players

Blackjack is an entertaining and integral piece of casino play. I’ve met many individuals over the years who wanted to improve their blackjack strategy. They ask questions like “should I hit this 16?” and “should I double-down on my 9?” But the truth is, most of those players will never improve their game. They’ll cling to their intuitions, basic strategy, and their seat at the table. And in the long term, they will lose. Here is a list of three very common mistakes made by blackjack players:

1 Play with fire-water and you’ll get burned. You’ll see me mention this over and over. Alcohol clouds your judgment.

After a couple of drinks, it may sound like a good idea to try to recoup your losses by moving half of your bankroll into the betting circle.

That’s not a good idea, and you know it.

2 Sit at the table long enough and you’ll go broke. I can’t overstate this enough. When gambling, you must have a money management strategy.

And you have to stick to your guns on that.

Otherwise, you’re going to end up giving the casino your money. Without a money management strategy, it is possible to get lucky and walk out with more than you came with.

But that’s an exception to the rule.

My book covers a very simple money management strategy that is easy to remember. Part of your success is knowing when it’s time to get up and walk away.

And you can’t do that with success when you act on a “gut” feeling.

3 See that pretty lady over there? In the casino setting, distractions are abundant. The casino wants you to be distracted! They know that if you’re not paying attention, you’re losing. No matter how well she’s endowed, you need to focus on your game and not the player to your left or right.

So pay close attention.

Turn off your natural tendencies to become distracted and start focusing on what matters most — your cards and the money you’ve placed in the betting circle.

Everyone wants to know, “how can I win at the casino?”

Well, let’s look at the facts. Casinos are for-profit organizations. There is a chance you will lose when you visit the casino.

But, I will say that if you use my blackjack strategy, you’re more likely to walk away a winner.

That’s right. A winner.

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