Sam Launches a Nationwide Publicity Campaign

For Immediate Release

Professional player and author promotes his blackjack strategy book to beat the casino.

April, 1, 2013 – Little Rock, Arkansas

As one of the world’s best Blackjack players, Sam Barrington knows a thing or two about how to play the game successfully. So writing a book only seemed natural to the man who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to being the best Blackjack player he could be.

And he’s quite the player. Sam has rattled the casino’s cage more than once, even once being barred from 46 casinos under suspicion of being  a card counter. Sam managed to clear his name, but you can rest assured when he walks into a casino, they know who he is.

After conquering the game of Blackjack, Sam set out to write the book Ask Dr. BlackJack to help spread his knowledge, experience, and methods with the world. First published in 2011, Ask Dr. BlackJack has received  glowing reviews from reader and players alike

“With sales growing, the time has come to push hard to get the word out as far as possible,” said Barrington. “I’ve dedicated my life to developing my playing methods and I want the world to know it is possible to turn the odds in your favor at the blackjack table.”

With media events and book signing planned well into the summer, the world is certain to become more aware of Sam Barrington and his winning Blackjack book, Ask Dr. BlackJack.